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Erotic (Sensual Massage London) Massage Training

We invite all WOMEN without basic massage education to this type of massage. The practice at the seminar is carried out in swimsuits – therefore, dear ladies, do not forget to bring it to the training!

This type of massage contributes to a noticeable increase in sexual potential, enhancement of body sensitivity and sexual function, which is why it is called  Sensual Massage London. 

The lesson takes place without affecting intimate areas.

The teacher will tell you and show you: 

What is the main  purpose of erotic massage? 

How to create favorable conditions for pleasure of a sensual nature and, as a result, for the full sensation of such a sweet moment of sexual intimacy as orgasm?

How to influence the erogenous zones and where are they located? As for the latter, they are very sensitive to the touch of the palms of the hands, which are extremely richly supplied with nerves and blood vessels.

What movements are shown to achieve the effect of erotic massage: gentle stroking can also cause sexual arousal, like touching a man’s chest to a woman’s or touching a back to a back. Women feel especially strong sexual arousal.

The teacher will give recommendations before the massage and recommendations after the massage.

You will master the technique of Sensual Massage London,  which includes such basic techniques of classical massage as vibration, pressure, stroking, kneading and rubbing. During intercourse, both partners should be relaxed.

If your sexual partner is extremely stressed and experiencing a feeling of anxiety, he should be immersed in a state of pleasant relaxation by relieving the anxious feeling. The technique of the main techniques of erotic massage is that they are carried out without any haste by gently and smoothly touching parts of the body that are subject to massaged movements. Sharing a bath or shower can be an excellent relaxing experience.

To achieve a feeling of complete relaxation and the emergence of arousal of a sexual nature, various erotic massage exercises are highly recommended   , which you will learn at our seminar.

The training is carried out individually.

There is a possibility of payment by installments!

1. For the period of study from the Institute of Aesthetics

2. Bank installments for 12 months.

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