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The technique of Sensual massage

Sensual massage is one of the modalities of massage that arouses most interest among people accustomed to giving and receiving massages, although many times it is involved in doubts, questions and even fears, the result of the ignorance that people have on this particular subject. There are many people who wonder: Is it a sexual or simply erotic massage? Is it suitable for women, for men, for couples? Hindus describe tantra as the process to achieve personal growth through pleasure and Sensual massage is based on this belief. It is based on the fact that if you find yourself sexually happy and relaxed, you will enjoy better mental and body health. is your store if you need to buy professional massage tables, medical consultation tables, gynecologist tables , etc. Enter this website and search among its great variety.

Continuing with this statement, it can be considered that it is a massage that tends to seek pleasure and that can cause orgasm, even if it is not its main objective. This type of massage does not imply sexual relations with real penetration, but it does involve the touch of the sexual organs, so it is one of the most intimate massages we can find. To give a Sensual massage, the first thing you should know is the terminology, and that is that the virile member is known as Lingam, which means light wand, and the female genitals like Yoni, which means sacred space or temple.

The technique of Sensual massage

The technique of Sensual massage

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On the other hand, it is best to be naked, although it is not necessary to be completely naked, but it is the most comfortable for this type of massage. These types of massages are usually performed accompanied by soft music. The person who will receive the massage should lie with his back on the floor or bed, legs apart and a cushion under the hips, to lift the area of   the Yoni or Lingam, and another under the head so that I can see your genitals. Before beginning, explain the purpose of Sensual massage to avoid false expectations, choose a lubricant and start the massage. The basis of this massage is that our thoughts are invaded by worries that disrupt our tranquility. is your store if you need to buy professional and quality stretchers at the best price. You can find stretchers for hospitals, massage tables, stretchers for dentists, etc.

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